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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free Vector Halftone Background / Border Set 01

Free Vector Halftone Background / Border Collection

Vector halftone background set 01

Free vector halftone background / border collection 1
Vector Halftone Backgrounds - This awesome vector halftone pattern collection  was made exclusively for by me..

License  :

  • You are free to use this in both PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL  purposes. 
  • You are not allowed to submit / sell this design on any royalty  free stock sites as it is. [Anyway you are free to use this as a part of your design]
  • If you would like to share / post this in your own site or blog  you have to put two back-links [one to this page and other one to my blog homepage] use post title as your link text  
Thats All.. Enjoy it.

More things on usages of this set

I have made this free vector backgrounds for all graphic design professionals, web designers, businessmen and all other design lovers / fans , artists .

These set also can use by visual artists, photographers (who want to create creative photo books / story books, wedding albums and other photo albums) and for anyone in mobile application and interface designing, and animators for  3D or 2D animation projects or  for print media designers for their flyers, business cards, handbills, wrappers, brochures, post cards , greeting cards, calenders , powerpoint presentation designs, templates, posters or banners, book and DVD covers, birthday cards or any other things you like.

Or if you are an online shop owner, you also can use this for your designs such as t-shirts, bags, pillows, mouse pads, mugs, buttons and magnets, iPhone cases etc. For your designs you can  use my vector file as it is, modify it, or use just a part of it. also You can also create any kind of wallpapers using it...

But you CAN NOT submit it to any Royalty Free Stock Image site as it is.





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