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Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Vector Halftone Background / Border Set 02

Free Vector Halftone Background / Border Set 02

 Second set of  exclusive free vector halftone backgrounds collection

Free Vector Halftone Background / Border Set 02

This awesome vector halftone pattern collection  was made exclusively for by me..

License  :

  • You are free to use this in both PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL  purposes. 
  • You are not allowed to submit / sell this design on any royalty  free stock sites as it is. [Anyway you are free to use this as a part of your design]
  • If you would like to share / post this in your own site or blog  you have to put two back-links [one to this page and other one to my blog homepage] use post title as your link text  
Thats All.. Enjoy it.

 This lovely free halftone dots background set will be very useful for  all graphics designers, web designers, online shop owners, application designers and more professionals

Also can use this set for your greeting card designs, digital artworks, photo manipulation works, business cards , flyers, letterheads, CD/ Book covers, wallpapers, calenders, sign board / banner / header / advertisement design projects etc. for without any restriction.

If u have any doubt about usage of this free resource, feel free to contact me via commenting here on my  post. 



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